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Weekday School is a Christian preschool serving children ages 2 1/2 to 5 years.  Our school is known for its committed teaching staff, play-based learning environment, and personalized focus on each child. Small class sizes and a strong network of parent volunteers ensure that the Weekday School is an ideal place for young children to grow and learn.




from the director | February 2016

Vicki Rutledge

I have a confession. Two confessions, actually.  

Confession #1 - I am shaky with numbers. I have a hard time remembering them. Love the ABCs. Not so much with the 123s.

And yet…

Confession #2: I know my Orange County library card number by heart. P016164592. (Please don’t hack my account.) I use my library card so frequently to request books for home delivery that I have it memorized.  I am crazy about books and have been ever since I was a little girl. 

That’s why I’m looking forward to our Book Fair on Thursday, February 18 at Barnes and Noble. The reason we host this annual event is because books are such a foundational part of early childhood education.  Books stimulate a children’s imaginations and teaches them about the world around them.  Reading books aloud builds a child’s  vocabulary, helps a child explore the rhythm and melody of language, and teaches a child that written text has meaning (all important pre-reading skills).  I’m sure you already know this, but reading to a child as a regular part of the day, such as at bedtime, is one of the best ways to soothe and relax them.  

Not only does the Book Fair helps us add new titles to our school library each year, it also provides a fun way to connect and celebrate as a school family.  I’m hosting a morning story time that day.  Mrs. Rossi and Mrs. Saldarriaga (our fantastic music teachers) are hosting two afternoon music times as well. Feel free to invite young friends and neighbors. You can find all the specifics about that day here: Book Fair Flyer

I can’t resist sharing a short video that captures one way we promote literacy skills  at Weekday School.  In this clip, two 4 Day students are reading a book their class made called “It’s Time to Rhyme.”  Each child in the class created a page with an illustrated rhyming word.  The giggles about “pig” and “wig” are infectious.

On another note, in a few weeks I will send you an online survey to designed to measure your level of satisfaction with your WDS experience so far this year. Please know that your feedback is very important to me. Your voice matters. So much so that we will award a pizza party to the class who has the highest percentage of parent responses to the annual survey.  Pizza - YAY!

Look forward to seeing you at the Book Fair!